Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lest You Think I'm Not Grateful

What say we take a break from the deep, dark, ugly, macabre, despair that is my's a post about the many things I'm loving right now.

Today we went for a picnic! It was a last minute idea
since we were already picking Kenai up from her field trip.

There were strawberries

There was a visit with my internet turned real life friend
and her awesome kids. I LOVED hanging out at her house.
She's awesome and normal and lovely and cool.

Not to mention she has the cutest kids EVER

Then there's this little one, my latest charge.
At barely 6 months she can hold herself in a sitting
position without help, at least for a little while!
She's already got teeth and she's rocking on her hands and knees!

She's the sweetest baby ever.

Then there's this new guy. Mr. Birdie Fantastico.
Yes, that's his real name!

He's starting to like me a little bit and that makes me so happy.

Then there was this. A real highlight.
Over the Rhine at Canal Street Tavern.
With new songs even! It was beautiful.

Elliet brought me this note the other day, she had
transcribed it for Kenai:
"From Kenai. To Mommy. Dear Mommy, I am so sorry.
Do you want to know why? Because I wrote on my arm.
I forgot I was not supposed to.
Please, please, pretty please forgive me.
After I wrote on my arm I knew I wasn't supposed to.
Love, Kenai"

If they made all their confessions this way they'd never get in trouble!

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