Wednesday, May 12, 2010

'Night Johnboy

I don't want to live here anymore. It's not the new Price Hill as one of my friends said but it is quickly becoming the new College Hill. The crime mostly sticks to the main streets. But I don't feel as safe as I did when we first moved here. Tonight I sat on my porch and talked to imaginary ghosts. The man who attacked me? He didn't stand a chance against my husband and neighbor who were inside, packing heat. Of course we don't have guns but it still felt good to act like we did.
I want to live where I can raise some laying hens, a goat for milk (and CHEESE), maybe even a sweet milking cow. I want the girls to know dirt and earthworms and box turtles. We don't even have bats here. Just squirrels and birds and the occasional rabbit.
I want to live somewhere else. With a town where everybody knows who everybody else is, no one gets lost there. There aren't pedophiles or rapists on every other street. I won't go as far as to say I want to be like the Pioneer Woman but I sure do envy her life. Her kids know what hay smells like and what calves need to drink and even what Rocky Mountain Oysters look like.
I didn't think I'd ever be here but I am where my mother always was, wishing we lived the Waltons' life.


  1. :) ok, so while we might not quite be utopia, how bout NC? I'm currently planning our farm. When we move from here, it will be to land (still close to Fuquay), we'll at least have chickens and horses (and recently I've thought about adding a cow to the mix). I love where we live. Not that it's perfect (stupid lives everywhere). But it's a good place. A friend of mine lives 1.5 hours away and has gone the whole nine yards (no processed food, establishing her own farm, she even just got bee hive stuff - i really want to go see it!). Anywho - love you and miss you guys. Can't wait to visit.

  2. Livingston, Montana is pretty nice. In fact, I'd so far as to say I wouldn't want to live anywhere else. Of course, jobs are scarce and winter is long, but folks seem to make it work. Sometimes you have to do something drastic, punch down the fear, pick up and take off...

  3. You know, Mel, one of these days that's just what we'll have to do. I don't think we'll last all that long here.

  4. "and even what Rocky Mountain Oysters look like"
    isn't that a fancy name for deep fried cow testicles? -Walker

  5. Yep. Pioneer Woman even posts pictures. They are the real-deal ranchers!

  6. The country life still has drug problems. Alcoholics. Rapist. Pedofiles. They aren't subjected to live only in the city. These same problems exist in small towns. Just sayin. My small town with population of 2500, still had crime and drugs and rapists. The problem with small towns, the whispers of all these problems are all around because, everybody knows everybodies business.

  7. Yeah. I know they are everywhere, usually within your own family. But if you live on a ranch with no one's unlikely your car windows will get busted out! Case in point, we had tons of crime going on around us in Price Hill, Clifton and Winton Place. Cars broken into, people running up our fire escape to get away from the cops, attempted apartment break ins and a crack bust next door with altered guns confiscated.
    Here? Seven years and not a peep. It happens, just not here, at least not often. I feel safer here and that's what matters.
    I'm on the email list for sex offender notifications for a two mile radius. I guarantee there are more here than in the country, if only because there are more people.