Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Coping Mechanisms-I haz dem

I guess if I had good coping skills I wouldn't be medicated. Who knows. But I have plenty of bad coping mechanisms. Self-injury, drinking, smoking, drugs if I could get ahold of them, binge eating (if only I could figure out how to purge), and SPENDING. While I was in college, Jt and I broke up for about a year. I racked up thousands in credit card debt just buying crap. I mean, clothes? I don't like buying clothes! Lucky for us, my spending binges include bargain hunting.
So I just came off a little Amazon bender. I got a night table (I really did need one), a fitness ball (recommended by my physical therapist), a great book I'd been eying for the kids (did you know that "eying" was spelled that way? looks weird to me), a new crock pot (I wanted to give mine to Flipper), these kick-ass Keens, my first ever pair:

There was also the graphic novel for The Vampire Lestat and then these arrived today:

The next seasons of Angel and Buffy in graphic novel form!

And the Piez De Resistance:

If we are facebook friends you know that I've been watching this episode of Buffy almost obsessively (hey! another coping mechanism!). This is the soundtrack. The girls and I listened to it already and Elliet and I read along in the lyrics.
Thus ends this period of bingey-type spending.


  1. Those Keens look cute! My boys have Keen sandals, but none for mom. Maybe I'll have to check out Amazon's shoe selection.

  2. Speaking of drinking. I am enjoying my first ever Killians (Irish Red) thanks to you. I was going to buy Corona light and then thought of you and picked up Killians instead. I must say, it is very enjoyable!

  3. Glad to hear it, Jac! It's definitely my favorite.

  4. That Buffy sound track is so incredibly good -- especially anything James Marsters sings.

    But don't tell anybody or I'll loose what few man point I have left. :)

    p.s. The Buffy Season 8 graphic novels have some great writing in them as well.

  5. I was really impressed with the first book in Season 8, can't wait to get the rest!
    And it's perfectly acceptable to have a man-crush on Spike. ;)

  6. CUTE SHOES!! I read four of those Buffy comics at my sister-in-law's suggestion, and now I have to wait for my brother and sister-in-law to move here next month so I can read the rest!