Saturday, June 12, 2010

Moving Day!

Alright, friends. I'm moving to Word Press so this is my final post here. Please send me an email vegas710 at gmail dot com if you'd like to continue reading. I know that's a pain but I'm hoping it will make some things easier for me.
See you there!
UPDATE: I continued this blog at Playa Minded


  1. St, in no way this is meant to be patronizing, I can't imagine how it feels to go through what you're going through. I do hope you find health, peace and joy again. I stumbled onto this place on the internet and it looks amazing. Hey, a sort of retreat like this on your "week off"? Blessings, Tc

  2. Thanks, T. Looks cool.
    I'll send you my new website address.

  3. Please send me your new website address. You've got my email. Thanks.